Sterling silver bracelet (925 mm) and plated in 24k gold. Spring clasp closure. Shiny stone appliqués. For 3 years old and up.

Measurements 13 cm + 2.5 cm extendible chain.

· The item has passed all internal quality control tests and all other mandatory tests in accordance with the applicable regulations during the manufacturing process.
· This item bears the mandatory hallmark in accordance with the applicable regulations, that is, the hallmark indicating origin and guarantee. Where this has not been possible, due to reduced size or specific design of the item, there is a tag bearing the aforementioned hallmark.
· The laboratory that has provided this hallmark is “Ensayos y Contraste de Metales Preciosos de Andalucía, S.L.U. ECOMEP”, guarantee mark 925 A2.
· The approximate weight of the item is 1.32 g.
Size of the item: stones 2.00 mm - 2.10 mm.
· One size fits all.
· Recommendations for use: For greater durability of the product, we recommend that you do not spray perfume directly onto it. We also recommend that you clean the product with a cloth on a regular basis.
· You will find more information on the product guarantee and post-sale support in the Conditions of Use and Purchase and in the Shopping Guide and Help sections on the website.
· You will also find further information on the item's label, in the accompanying brochure and on other Zara sales channels.
· To find out the daily price of the precious metals used in the items, please consult the relevant sources of information.
· In any case, the rights recognised by the legislation in force are not affected.

¥ 229.00

Colour: Gold | 2621/745

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