100% vegetable wax scented candle in a cylindrical tumbler with screw lid.

The scent, Iris, is a fragrance that combines iris flower with subtle woody and leather notes.

Lasts approximately 25 hours and fragrances and decorates any space.

Instructions for use:

- Always place the candle on heat-resistant surfaces away from heaters or other hot surfaces.
- Do not light the candle in rooms with children or pets.
- Always keep the lit candle in a vertical position so that the wax burns evenly. When you snuff it out, allow the wax to cool before using it again.
- Keep the wick cut to 6 mm above the wax for optimum burning.
- Keep the wax clear of residue.
- Always keep the candle away from curtains, ventilation and air vents. If you use more than one candle at a time, leave a space of 10 cm between them.
- Snuff out the candle after four hours of uninterrupted use and never leave it burning unattended in a room. Always use a candle snuffer.
- Snuff out the candle before it burns all the way down.

¥ 139.00¥ 49.00-60%

Colour: Light camel | 2428/705

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  • 7 x 7 x 8 cm

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