We suggest you activate the Store Mode in our APP. You can access new experiences and services to get the most out of Zara.
You can activate it when you enter a Zara store or whenever you want directly on your user profile.
On the Store Mode, you will be able to select the store you want to browse and make a purchase using the catalogue of items available in that store.
You will be able to place your order and pick it up at the same store you have selected in less than two hours.
With the Find Items function, you will be able to see on the store floor plan where the item you are interested in is displayed. Just upload them to the basket and click on them. Also, if the app detects that an item you already has in your shopping basket is available in the store, you will be able to see its location.
No more queuing at the fitting room, we'll let you know when it's free!
From Store Mode, you will be able to book your slot in the fitting room directly using the APP. You will just have to select the fitting room area for which you would like to make your reservation. The APP will allocate a slot and inform you of the estimated waiting time. When a fitting room becomes available, you will receive a new notice and you will have five minutes to go to the fitting room.
Bear in mind that this experience is only available at stores that offer this service and you can only book a fitting room if you are inside the store.